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"If it's fair chase and challenging and legal to hunt with a muzzleloader - I will hunt it! ERIC STANOSHECK - MBP PROSTAFF TEAM TEJAS"

Haslet, TX
United States - 76052
Last Login: May 26 2010

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My URL: http://www.monsterbuckprofiles.com/profiles/view_profile.php?member_id=1061

   Contacting Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas)

       Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas)'s Interests
General Hunting, Videoing hunts, writing outdoor stories/articles, Shed antler hunting every spring, Creating works of art in my Antler Picasso studio. WWW.ANTLERPICASSO.COM
Music Coldplay, Most Country, and a little bit of rock and pop.
Movies Fast and Furious, Bourne trilogy, Shawshank Redemption, almost any action movie or thriller.
Television Hunting Channel, Outdoor Channel, UFC, 24, Survivor, Discovery channel, History channel occasionally
Books Once I finish my Ultimate North American Big Game slam - I WILL WRITE ONE, other than that I don't find much time in my schedule for literary pursuits.
Heroes: Those who put their lives on the line everyday for our country and those who save innocent lives.

            Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas)'s Details
Here for: Hunting Information and Tips, Networking,
Share Hunting Experience, Friends, Connect with Hunters,
Share Hunting Photos and Videos, Rate Hunters,
Orientation: No Answer
Body Type: Athletic
Education: College graduate
Religion: No Answer
Occupation: Custom Antler Furniture and Lighting Manufacturer - www.AntlerPicasso.com
Height: 5"10'

       Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas)'s Schools
Doane College
Crete, Nebraska
Grad Year: 1997
Student Status: Alumni
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Major: Business Management, Marketing, Accounting
Clubs: W.A.C.O. (Wildlife and Conservation Organization) President, Investment Club Officer, Cross Country Team Captain, Marathon Team, Indoor & Outdoor Track Distance runner.
From 1993 to 1997

       Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas)'s Companies
Eric's Skull and Panel Mounts
Haslet, Texas
Title: Owner
Date Employed Since 1994
Antler Picasso
Haslet, Texas
Division: Assembly, Design, Creation, and Sales
Date Employed Since 1999
Vector Marketing/Cutco Cutlery
Hurst , Topeka, Lincoln, Anchorage, Seattle, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Alaska, Washington
Title: District Manager/Sales Manager/SFSM
Division: Sales, Recruiting, Advertising, Motivational Speaking
Date Employed June 1994 - Sept 2008

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    Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas)'s Blurbs
About me:

TEAM TEJAS & MONSTERBUCKPROFILES.COM PRO STAFFER. Serious hunting addict, Antler Picasso - Custom Antler Lighting and Furniture owner WWW.ANTLERPICASSO.COM, Official Measurer for Boone & Crockett, Longhunter Muzzleloader Record Book, Pope & Young, and North American Shed Hunters Club, Freelance outdoor writer, Amatuer outdoor videographer. I have harvested 14 of the 29 North American Big Game Species and am always looking for a new adventure. I have harvested 12 Big Game Species with my Muzzleloader including 15 record book animals and the #2 Grizzly Bear in the Longhunter Muzzleloader Record Book.
Who I'd like to meet:

Michael Wadell and Lee and Tiffany - Other than that anyone with a passion for the outdoors and ethics that match.

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Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas) has 706 friends.
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       Longhunter-MBP-ProStaff-(TeamTejas)'s Albums
Eric Stanosheck Nebraska Big 10 - 2008    (1 photos)
Opening Day 5 minutes of legal shooting light left. A perfect 162 yard shot with my T/C Omega after a 800 yard stalk. 300 lbs live weight.

Eric Stanosheck Nebraska Big 8 - 2007    (1 photos)
Last Day, Last light - 800 yard stalk in waist deep snow. Temperature is a cool 8 degrees with 15 MPH wind. Shot was 211 Yards with my T/C Omega Muzzleloader and a 1X Scope.

Nebraska Muzzleloader Heavy 8 Point    (1 photos)
Big 8 Point hot in the rut! Shot him at 171 Yards with my T/C Muzzleloader on the 7th day of the hunt. Long main beams and heavy, was aged at 4.5 years old.

Nebraska Muzzleloader 10 Pt. Basket    (1 photos)
60 Yard shot in the middle of December - Cold but no snow, caught him in the second rut.

Eric Stanosheck Nebraska Muzzleloader 8 Point 2008    (1 photos)
Taken at 52 Yards on the run with my T/C Muzzleloader. Not the biggest buck in the world but after missing a big buck in Missouri the week before and getting skunked in Kansas I was ready to put some Jerky in the freezer.

Eric Stanosheck Arizona BIG 10 Coues Whitetail    (1 photos)
153 yard shot with my T/C Muzzleloader on a nice 5X5 Coues Whitetail that is the new #16 in the Longhunter Record Book!! 93 degrees that day and would you believe I missed a bigger buck the day before as he stopped right as I pulled the trigger on a trotting shot. I did shoot hair off his chest (we got it on video)

Eric Stanosheck Texas Archery Buck    (1 photos)
Had 1 evening and 1 morning to hunt in exchange for helping a guy fix up blinds, fence, and feeders. Took this guy at 35 yards through the trees from a brushed in chair blind.

Eric Stanosheck Oregon Blacktail 10 points 125 B&C    (1 photos)
Western Oregon Blacktail in the rainforest. Shot at 42 yards iron sights muzzleloader. I believe he still is #16 in the Longhunter record book.

Wyoming Bruiser!    (2 photos)
Big Wyoming River Bottom Whitetail. Rebecca shot this while 7.5 months pregnant on the 3rd day of her hunt. She just barely missed this guys brother on the first day, good thing as he was only an 8 pointer but would have gone 150+. She said something about she couldn't make a prone shot with a baby in her belly? Don't understand it. LOL

Eric Stanosheck Missouri 10 Point 1994    (1 photos)
Shot this buck last light and couldn't find him. Farmer found the buck and hung the skull on his barn. Long story short - my buddy finally got my buck back for me 10 years later. I had to stain the antlers back to natural color but at least I have my buck back!!!

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02-17-2010 4:16:29

bear hunt INFO! :)

01-26-2010 11:45:07

i want to do a bear hunt!! baaaaaaad

01-06-2010 11:48:19

stttrranger!!!! hows the season?

11-11-2009 6:33:19

Sounds like it has been a good year for you. Keep knock'em in the dirt!

11-11-2009 6:38:57

no i havent had any luck this year but maybe i will soon what about you any luck this year

09-30-2009 2:59:29

seen some nice bucks so far .. the biggest two i seen i couldnt get a shot on them but i hope they will make there way back around...got a doe kill on film though ... so its looking good for the rest of the year

09-29-2009 9:37:42

Great job on the goat Eric! I just finished with archery elk. It was a tuff rut but I got both my guy's elk and the one for M2D Camo was caught all on film for the show. Rifle elk is up next.

09-29-2009 9:15:32

Nothing yet, Season doesnt open till Thursday! We will keep you tuned in. Congrats on the harvest!

08-31-2009 5:33:53

Eric, If you get any photos of that coues please post them, I would love to see them. 135 in velvet WOW!!!!!!

08-30-2009 11:23:41

Just got home from the strip and checked out your new pic's. What a TOAD! Is that a southern Utah buck, maybe he will migrate to the strip.LOL
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