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""Lead's Flyin - Camera's Rollin""

White Settlement, Fort Worth, Haslet, TX
United States - 76108
Last Login: March 17 2013

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My URL: http://www.monsterbuckprofiles.com/profiles/view_profile.php?member_id=658

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General Huntin', Huntin', Huntin', Family, Huntin', Family, Huntin' Huntin' Huntin' Family, Huntin' and in the end it will always be family and the people we have grown to love and fill the void in our lives! WATCH WITH YOUR SOUND UP!
Music TEXAS country (k-fowl, Zac Brown, Eli young band, Josh Abbott, Jason Martin, Casey Donahew, and anybody else who sing's some good campfire pickin' Music!
Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
Movies Huntin, any kind of mature comedy! Not really into watching movies we would rather be out in the woods making them!
Television Outdoor Channel, Vs., Pursuit, Sportsmans channel, SPIKE, ESPN, MTV, CMT, A&E, Football, Any other cool guy stuff that's on!
Books Ah, maybe one day we will write one. Well Eric Stanosheck may write us one -who knows!
Heroes: Our Dads, Moms, Family, Waddell, Jeff Foiles, and our military who fights for our freedom daily
Groups: Smoke-poll, Trade -a- hunt!, For Sale or Wanted,

            TEAMTEJAS-MBPProStaff's Details
Status: Married
Here for: Hunting Information and Tips, Networking,
Share Hunting Experience, Friends, Connect with Hunters,
Share Hunting Photos and Videos, Rate Hunters,
Orientation: No Answer
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Education: No Answer
Religion: Christian - other
Occupation: Full time Hunters, Videographers, Photographers, and our day jobs
Height: 6"4'

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About me:

Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
Make your own banner at MyBannerMaker.com! Hey what's up we are Team Tejas! Most people would describe their best friends as brothers, well we are more like fighting step-sisters who know how to put up with each other, LOL! We would probably do just about anything for each other and we always have! We have high hopes and goals of being able to share all of our hunting adventures with everyone here on MBP. Keep in touch with us and be watching for our videos and pictures as they are sure to be rollin' with humor and monster bucks! Keith Aikens - single, family owns land in three states, met Adrian and Eric Pomeroy freshman year of high school thru football and rodeo, amatuer wildlife photographer and videographer, can't sleep the night before opening day of any season, Enjoys nothin' more than a sunset in a treestand, well maybe climbing out of it and gettin' my hands on those antlers! Eric Pomeroy - Proud husband, Shoots the new Reezen bow from Matthews, Day job as an aircraft mechanic, fascinated by decked out rifles, enjoys spending time in the outdoors with friends, well, as long as there are giant bucks to be hunted! Adrian Mckinney- Proud husband, loves his 2 huntin' labs "duke" and "higgins", Owner of Plumb Tech and holds a master plumbing license, Team ropes and rides horses in his spare time - that is when he's not in the woods parting ribs with carbon arrows! Eric Stanosheck- Husband and Father with an extreme addiction and passion for the outdoors. Owner and Artist of www.AntlerPicasso.com and North Texas Sales Manager for Krilix Corporation. Eric gets most of his rush in the outdoors by hunting and harvesting North American big game animals with his T/C muzzleloaders (He has 5) and has numerous Longhunter Record Book entries,as well as 6 top 20 in the world animals to show for it! Now that he has joined Team Tejas the others had better step their game up if they plan on keeping a spot in that book cause the shockwaves are fixin to fly!

MySpace Layouts
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Who I'd like to meet:

Lee and Tiffany (well at least Tiffany)Everybody else one of us have pretty much met and we are grateful for this life and in the end we all want to meet our lord and savior!

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Keith Aikens    (3 photos)
08' - management 8 pt.Not the 171" typical 10pt. that I was after! It's on another wall now! :(

11pt. sad daddy!    (1 photos)
Some of the member's on our team were supposed to have the chance at this buck and instead the rancher we payed to hunt shot this brute and another!

Big Old Six!    (4 photos)
Saw this deer 4 time's and couldn't get a shot. I knew it was only a six point but it was huge and could barely stand up it was so old!

Ray's 08 bruiser!    (1 photos)
The stand they call the Top but it should be called monster alley!

Doe control! #1    (1 photos)
Doe control on my ranch we shot 8 does and 1 spike in 2 day's! That was after I watched 32 in one field at 1 time without seeing a buck!

Doe control! #2    (1 photos)
My second doe of the day!

"Funkytown" eric's 08 buck    (3 photos)
Saw it on game came and from the stand 20 time's and then he couldn't take it anymore and he layed him out

Keith's first deer hunt! 8pt.    (1 photos)
Deer were all in that field I will never forget it!

Ketih and Mr. Murphy's double 6pt.'s    (2 photos)
I heard him shoot from the top of the hill and since I was young they stuck me in the worst stand there where you rarely see any deer! Well I gotta deer and they didn't. Kinda neat to shoot matchin' deer!

Keith's first 10pt.    (2 photos)
Nobody even heard my gun go off and they were yellin' at me for takin' so long to get back to camp caus it was a sunday evening and everybody had to work on monday! Oh and they didn't see any deer lol! I said come on help me get it and they said yeah right man come on! Sure enough to them we went up there to the rock's and there my first 10pt. was layin'!

Shoot an 8pt. then go to school right! lol    (1 photos)
another nice buck while I was still in high school!

Mark    (3 photos)
Mark, Mr.and Mrs.Murphy, and Ruchard were hunting whe Mark shot this Tank of a whitetail. Mrs. Murphy did Taxidermy work and offered to mount this deer for free and Mark said " Ah no biggy I will wait to shoot a bigger one to mount. Well to this day he hasn't shot one bigger!LOL Speakin' for myself I woulda hung it over the bed so I could see it everynight before I go to sleep! The inside spread is unkown cause mark sawed the antler's off to use for rattlin' the pics are a smooth gues of how I remember it and compared to the ones on my wall!

Ryan    (3 photos)
soon to come!

Adrian and Eric's mangement day    (1 photos)
couple does and a spike

Eric Stanosheck Wyoming Whitetail 1995    (1 photos)
Large 8 Point that I found the sheds from the year before

Eric Stanosheck Nebraska 10    (1 photos)
This old buck apparently got hit by a car in the face at a young age and his jaw had been broken as well as his enter upper palate twisted.

Eric Stanosheck Kansas 13 Point 181    (1 photos)
Unfortunately these are sheds I found and mounted on a skull. Score is about 181 as they are mounted with a full 6 inch G-3 broken off on the right antler.

Eric Stanosheck Wyoming 1994    (1 photos)
Saw this buck 1 mile away and he was working a scrape so I ran down the mountian and closed the distance to 302 Yards.

Eric Stanosheck Nebraska Big 10    (1 photos)
Opening day with 5 minutes to go this guy got up in the middle of a cut soybean field with 2 does. I had to belley crawl to make it happen.

Eric Stanosheck Wyoming 10 1998    (1 photos)
Shot in the juggular at 200 yards with a borrowed .257 - found out after that shot the gun was off 12 inches to the right at 200 yards

leon river bottom 10 pt    (2 photos)
leon river bottom 10 pt shot while tailing a doe

Coleman 7pt.    (1 photos)
Eric has been hunting a piece of property in coleman tx all season and thru the past year's the land has put out some giant's! Well this year the rancher didn't plant the field's and the antler growth and food supply just didn't get there for this property! None the less a nice late season 7pt.! Got that one outta the way now it's time to wait out the rest of the season for the king of the wood's!

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Rusty- M.B.P. PRO - STAFF

09-29-2010 7:50:32

Hey Guy just wishing you all a safe and great hunting season....

08-05-2010 11:13:55

Going to the Fall Classic at Bass Pro? I'll be at Garland this weekend and probably Grapevine the next doing the Mossy Oak thing. Drop me a line if you guys make it out!

02-17-2010 12:42:19

what are you filming this weekend?

01-05-2010 8:22:24

TAG youre it!!

11-16-2009 7:00:26

great job guys on the big boy.. congrats. stop by and check out the 10 pt drop tine evan got on friday the 13th lol

08-30-2009 11:15:56

Just checked out the ram pics. Awesome!

08-29-2009 11:22:18

You have waaay too many Kenny Chesney songs in your player considering that you live in Texas and are surrounded by all that great music!

08-25-2009 7:26:05

Looks like you guys are stickin' anything in site. Maybe one too many huh Keith. You guys have some real nice pics on the gallery. Keep livin' the dream.

08-03-2009 11:55:21

Hey man finally made it to Texas on Saturday. Went to Bass Pro and Academy in Houston on Sunday and went to Cabelas in Austin on Monday. I'm up in Killeen for a few days. Call me if you want to hang out. Probably heading back to Houston on Thursday. I had no idea that it was going to be 100 degrees all week. Its definently not TN's rain and cool nights here. Talk at you later

08-03-2009 12:06:03

How was Cabelas
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