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""Your Outdoor Dreams Live Here""

Port Allegany, PA
United States - 16743
Last Login: August 08 2012

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My URL: http://www.monsterbuckprofiles.com/profiles/TEAMKEYSTONECOUNTRY

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General Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Travel, Taking other into the great outdoors
Music country,rock

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Television Outdoor channel, Versus
Heroes: Fred Bear, Charlton Heston, Will Primos, Bill Jordan, Toxey Haas

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Here for: Hunting Information and Tips, Networking,
Share Hunting Experience, Friends, Connect with Hunters,
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Hometown: Port Allegany
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
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Occupation: Team Keyston Country Pro Staff
Height: 6"3'

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Team Keystone Country
Port Allegany, Pennsylvania
Title: Staff
Division: Outdoor
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About me:

We are a group of outdoorsmen from the state of Pennsylvania.Each and everyone of us have a lot of diversity in the way we hunt as well as we all are great friends, more like brothers separated at birth. We consist of my father, Bob Rankin a High School Custodian and High School football coach as well as proud father of two, Riki Tanaka is a Beverage Distributor Owner as well as Bar Owner and also a proud father of two, David Gustafson is the Chief of Forestry for the Pennsylvania Game Commission as well as a Sergeant that is currently deployed with the United States Military in Iraq, Joshua Rosenswie is a 20 Year old College Business Student at Saint Bonaventure University as well as a Professional Paint ball Player and last is myself Matt Rankin I am a 24 Year old who spends his time working in a Beverage Distributor as well as a bartender/manager. We are excited to be here with all of our fellow outdoor loving brothers and sisters. We are extremely excited about being "Pro-Staff" for MonsterBuckProfiles.com for Pennsylvania and look forward to a very bright future with MBP. Message us anytime to chat, share a story, or anything at all.
Who I'd like to meet:

Everyone who impacts the outdoor world that we all love and cherish so much!

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The Nemesis Buck    (1 photos)
We hunted and watched this deer for 3 years until Bob was able to take him in 2006.

The Hemlock Buck    (1 photos)
Bob watched this deer weaving in and out of the hemlocks before he was able to finally get a clean shot.

The Marathon Buck    (1 photos)
Bob and his brother Randy chased this buck over two mountains before he was able to finally end the seemingly impossible chase.

The Eastwood Buck    (1 photos)
Bob and his brother Randy found this buck in Bob's favorite hollow chasing does. At 100 yards it only took one shot from the .308 to put him to rest.

The Aspen Tree Buck    (1 photos)
Bob watched this buck rub sevral aspen trees approximatly 12 inches in diameter. Finally in rifle season he was able to harvest this tree killer.

The Briar Patch Buck    (1 photos)
I watched the same briar patch for over an hour before i was able to spot this deer bedded up. with only minutes left in the 2006 season i decided i better try him. at 396 yards it took only one round from my ruger .270 to make this buck mine.

The Scouted Buck    (1 photos)
Pro Staff member Dave Gustafson and I watched this buck from the Middle of August until i shot him on October 1st of 2001.

The Rock Stand Buck    (1 photos)
While hunting a new area of our hunting territory i found a very large rock that i thought would give me a great vantage point come rifle season. At 8am on the very first morning it paid off as this beautiful 8 point came walking out directly in front of me.

The Monarch Buck    (1 photos)
I saw this buck for the first time ever, even though i hunted the area the entire archery season this was the first time i had ever seen him, at 225 yards there was no doubt that he was indeed a monarch.

The Ghost Buck    (1 photos)
This buck showed up like a ghost chasing a doe, at 35 yards i was able to make a perfect shot and he only went 100 yards before expiring, he field dressed at 189 pounds.

The Invincible Buck    (1 photos)
I shot this buck after he was missed twice, once by my dad and once by my uncle, i grunted to him twice and he came running to me.

The Heart Attack Buck    (1 photos)
On the last evening of our 2008 Ohio trip, this buck showed up with only 20 minutes left in the hunt, he pretty near gave me a heart attack. He has a double main beam, a split G-2, and A drop tine all on his left side.

The Back Yard Buck    (1 photos)
This past season was very special to us. My grandfather is 76 years young. after we had numerous trail camera photos of this deer in the summer, he disappeared until the rut, from then on everytime we spotted him he was near someones house, and even walked through my grandfathers yard, but on January 3rd he made a mistake and came to my grandfather who is pretty accurate with his Thompson Center Flintlock Muzzleloader

The Nebraska Buck    (1 photos)
Pro Staffer Riki Tanaka was able to take this buck with his Knight Muzzleloader in 2007.

The Moody Hollow Buck    (1 photos)
Pro Staffer Josh Rosenswie was able to harvest this gorgeous 9 pointer on opening day of the 2008 rifle season.

Midwestern Dolly    (1 photos)
Deer green scored 174 3/8 typical, he has a 9 inch sticker on the front and a split brow tine. g-2's and g-3's are 9 inches. bases are 6 inches, deer dressed out at 226 pounds

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11-13-2009 10:52:51


06-23-2009 12:55:43

bummer you were on today and i missed ya!

06-08-2009 9:11:48

What's up guy's? Long time no hear! How did your turkey season wind up?

06-04-2009 10:17:59


05-12-2009 12:01:40

Thank's guy's! One regular week and then a youth weekend left here! We have 12 down and 4 misses! I will be putting several more video's here in the next couple of day's so stay tuned! Also nice pic's it's great to take the kid's. I think I get more excitement outta watchin' them shoot than I would if it were me shootin'! When that 16 y/o dropped that bird you could hear me yellin' and fist pumpin' lol! Keep the feather's flyin' and good luck. Keith - Team Tejas

05-11-2009 11:57:08

Your boy's at Team Tejas just layed the hammer down on a 4 bearded turkey! Go check out the video and let us know what ya' think! Those Pic's are lookin' good too! Keep it up!

05-10-2009 3:43:32


05-09-2009 10:43:47


05-08-2009 12:18:52

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! Ross Fogle Mackinaw Monsters

05-06-2009 6:01:24

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